Bookshelves in natural beechwood or Canaletto walnut or in lacquered finish in black or white colours. Folding frame. The four central shelves are removable.
This incredibly simple folding bookcase is typical of Magistretti's modus operandi in that it was created as result of an analysis of the product type, followed by a reinterpretation of the sum of its parts, bringing together the different sides and shelves.
The resulting design pragmatically plays with diagonal bracing to create support for the shelves and eliminate the side pieces. Less is more.

A coat of red for the iconic Nuvola Rossa bookshelf by Magistretti.
Cassina presents a new lacquered version of the Nuvola Rossa bookshelf which will become protagonist of the brand’s window displays all over the world for the 2016-2017 holidays.
The architect Vico Magistretti, who passed away 10 years ago, said that its diagonal frame recalls smoky Red Indian camps, wigwams, and Emilio Salgari and John Wayne fighting everyone: an ironic interpretation of this piece with a simple yet dynamic form.


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114 Nuvola Rossa

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