Bertjan Pot’s decorative touch for the 699 Superleggera chair by Ponti.
The 699 Superleggera chair by Gio Ponti, produced by Cassina without interruption since 1957, is enriched with a new revised version of the Boxblocks fabric designed by the Dutch artist Bertjan Pot.
This special version will be available in 60 limited edition pieces, to celebrate its 60th anniversary.
The Superleggera not only represents a symbol of perfection and balance between solidity and lightness, but it is also the fruit of Gio Ponti’s research and the experimental and productive ability of Cassina and its craftsmen.


All the models in the Cassina collection, by merit of their artistic content and particular creative character, are protected by copyright, a legal institution that is universally recognised and safeguarded; legal protection is assured for the whole life-span of the author and for 70 years after his/her death (or the death of the last surviving co-author).


699 Limited Edition


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