Table with top in solid wood with rounded surface. The staves forming the surface have visible side joints. Three support legs, one larger and oval shaped and two smaller, cylindrical ones. Finishes in open-pored black lacquered oak or mahogany.

Designed in 1938 for her atelier in Montparnasse, this table, with its rounded asymmetrical shape,is well suited to the smallest of spaces, highlighting the naturally beauty of the wood used to make it.
What is more thanks to the table’s lack of corners many people can sit at it at once, making this an inviting table for a truly convivial gathering.


Wood is a natural material, subject to changements caused by external factors such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, daily use.
These changements are not to be considered as faults but peculiarities of the material, emphasizing its natural beauty.


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525 Table En Forme Libre

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