Adapté par Charlotte Perriand en 1984
Table glace claire pieds chromés barre laquée
Tables and low tables, square and rectangular in shape, with polished trivalent chrome steel legs and steel (CR3) frame enamelled in semigloss grey, light blue, green, brown, mud and ivory or black. Clear or textured glass top, thickness 15 mm. An outdoor version is also available for this model.
This table, in its original form, measured 120x80x70 cm, and appeared as a desk at the Salon d’Automne in Paris in 1929, an integral component of the furniture designed as “Équipement Intérieur d’une Habitation”. The framework was reduced to the barest minimum – chromium-plated tubular legs and lacquered side pieces – and the eff ect is achieved thanks to the expressiveness of the treatment of these metals.


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LC10 - 140x140x70

LC10 - 120x80x70

LC10 - 140x140x33

LC10 - 120x80x33

LC10 - 70x70x33


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