'The Cassina Perspective' expands to the Middle East with the opening of its first store in Dubai in collaboration with Vivium Holding on the 16th of March 2023.

Located inside a villa in one of the most coveted locations on Jumeirah Street, the store covers a total area of more than 750 square metres distributed on two floors and a stunning roof top.


The welcoming interiors of the Cassina Store Dubai, curated by Art Director Patricia Urquiola, have been designed to make one feel at home. The living, dining and night-time areas combine a careful selection of the company's most-loved icons with its most innovative products, just like the Outdoor Collection that furnishes the rooftop terrace. Materials such as wooden boiserie panels warm the atmosphere while the colour palette, from grey to petroleum, terracotta and burgundy, characteristic of the Cassina Stores’ visual language, dialogues perfectly with the furniture and enhances the brand's philosophy.


For the opening, the store windows feature Modular Imagination designed by the visionary contemporary of culture Virgil Abloh, further highlighting the company's cultural soul.