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Buying a rug used to generally mean a Persian or Caucasian rug, hand knotted, precious and sometimes expensive. Very often, the quality and origin of the rug was more important than the colour and design.
Today, demands are often orientated towards more practical choices, which nevertheless do not forgo aesthetics and design.
The Cassina selection offers a series of high quality furnishing accessories, capable of matching, enhancing and completing an interior.
The selection has been expanded and, to meet more dynamic demands, the use of natural and synthetic fibre has allowed for rugs to be made as furnishing accessories, whose woven and colour features adapt well to classic as well as modern domestic settings.

Fique is a strong, versatile fibre from Colombia and once used to make coffee sacks and agricultural yarns.
Today, the natural fibre is hand spun before being knitted on special long needles for making uniquely beautiful rugs.
Maglia, which means knit in Italian, is hence the name of the collection, which comes in five colours.
The irregular nature of the material, which is created by hand, produces a splendid and authentic pattern.

Atacama is a series of rugs made in viscose – a semi-synthetic and highly versatile fibre obtained from cellulose. The rugs have a shiny, smooth and soft appearance, like silk. The viscose brings out the surface details, absorbs and reflects the light, and the six available colour shades are enriched by variations and nuances, with luminescent colour effects.


Azzurro / Light blue / Hellblau / Bleu clair
Beige / Beige / Beige / Beige
Blu scuro / Dark blue / Dunkelblau / Bleu foncé
Cammello / Camel / Kamel / Chameau
Carbone / Coal / Kohle / Charbon
Giallo / Yellow / Gelb / Jaune
Grigio–Beige / Greige / Grau beige / Gris beige
Ruggine / Rust / Rostbraun / Rouille
Sabbia / Sand / Sand / Sable
Salmone / Salmon / Lachsrot / Saumon
Verde Salvia / Sage green / Salbei grün / Vert cendré





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