Dedar x Cassina

Year of design

Dedar x Cassina

Research, experimentation and an accurate synthesis of innovation and tradition constitute the mutual language of Cassina and the textile company Dedar. The new curtains generated by the collaboration of these two Italian design excellences put the accent on the very essence of weaving. Made of lightness and transparency, with no lack of texture and colour, the fabrics developed by Dedar exclusively for Cassina animate versatile drapes. A meticulous textile selection of weaves and compositions, ranging from linen – the quintessential natural fibre – to technical yarns, and the design made of regular waves regale material quality, functionality and essentiality.

A sablé linen fabric, Mongrel is an extra-wide sheer with a flexuous drape, perfectly poised between lightness and transparency. The irregular weave and the choice of linen – the quintessential natural yarn with its characteristic uneven surface, regale a note of texture to those interiors in which the light and the evocative force of natural fibres are protagonists.

A washable fire-retardant fabric with a soft hand-feel and a natural look. The gauze weave regales a most appealing transparency, fruit of a precise interaction between matter, air and light. Offering extra width and easy care, Plot combines versatility with elegance and lends itself equally well to venues and residential projects.

A washable fire-retardant fabric, worked in a leno weave, in which a flexuous drape is combined with the transparency of an open weave. The special yarn and weaving technique give this sheer its textural look, while the interlacing of differently shaded threads confers a unique iridescence to its colour. Extra width and easy care, Moondust combines excellent performance with the elegance of an impacting weave, for personality-packed curtains that are ideal for both venues and residential projects.

A twill, a typical diagonal weave, with a melange colour and a natural look. Its elegantly sporty personality teams up with a textural look, deriving from the use of a special yarn. Extra wide and fire-retardant, Noise is ideal for outdoor use: resistant to fading, chlorine, salt water and mildew, it makes elegant drapes for all those interiors, whether public or residential, in which washable, functional and hardwearing fabrics are a precious ally.




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