Designed exclusively for Cassina, the accessory collection symbolises the attention and dedication paid by the company to offering an ever more dynamic and distinctive choice, where domestic landscapes and working spaces are further enhanced with a series of designer benches, carpets and mirrors that combine functionality and modern interior design. Along with the iconic series of collector’s miniatures, recreating the masterpieces of Cassina on a small scale, the range includes rigorous and geometrical elements, sculptural volumes and distinctive shapes that span from Man Ray's mirror customizations to remakes of Le Corbusier pieces. Carpets are embellished with the handmade textures of natural yarns sourced in Colombia, or pure wool tinted in colour block. Wood is carved into an irregular-edged table or a swing that serves as a shelf, while the aluminium bench is upholstered in leather or fabric with a quilted finish. Each piece joins in on the game of creativity, imagination and unexpected combinations, conveying the unique identity and individuality of interior design accessories that work equally as freestanding pieces or in infinite combinations with the other objects around them.

Complementi - LES GRANDS TRANS-PARENTS - designed by - Man Ray - Cassina
Man Ray
Complementi - OTERO - designed by - Studio Simon - Cassina
Studio Simon