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Conceived as a little paradise for the sleeping area, the Bio-mbo bed reinvents the concept of intimacy. Thanks to its distinctive and comfortable padded headboard, with horizontal quilting and two mobile side wings enriched with storage pockets with leather handles, it creates an interior where one can take refuge. Thanks to the work carried out by Cassina LAB, the bed is equipped with wellness functions that ensure zero-emission air purification and noise absorption in order to guarantee a good night’s sleep. The first is obtained with theBreath® fabric, a patented technology that captures and disaggregates polluting particles without the use of energy sources; the second contains the reverberation of sound frequencies through the insertion of a panel made of Soundfil®: a hygienic, non-toxic, ecological and recyclable thermal insulator.
The Bio-mbo model adapts to any type of environment: the headboard, high or low, is also available with external quilting (allowing the bed to be placed in the middle of the room) or without quilting, storage pockets or side wings for a total of eight versions.
The bed is completed with an optional lamp, the Bio-mbo bedside table, with a curved plated metal side panel and single supporting leg, and the Rondos sideboards available in two different sizes.




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