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    I Maestri
  • Year of design
  • Year of production
    1978 / 2016
Adapté par Charlotte Perriand en 1984
These historic storage units, in the collection since 1978, are relaunched with a new look emphasising the features that make this unique furniture with its timeless design versatile, functional and perfect for the organisation of space.
The units come in 18 fixed compositions, in two- and three-module versions and in three different types: with open compartments, with two hinged doors or with lover folding door.
The wide range of colours—for the bases, external and internal parts of the modules and the doors—makes interesting, elegant solutions possible.



  • LC20 A5 B5 C5

    LC20 A5 B5 C5
  • LC20 A6 B6 C6

    LC20 A6 B6 C6
  • LC20 A7 B7 C7

    LC20 A7 B7 C7



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