Perfect symmetry between form and matter permeates a collection of design cabinets and bookshelves in which the project research clearly reflects the interiors’ penchant for elegance and harmony. From linear shapes to more complex, elaborate configurations, the connection between design and architecture allows for an in-depth, detailed study into each single detail and component, creating a furnishings collection that pushes the boundaries of lightness and flexibility. Franco Albini’s Veliero is exemplary of this progressive, often daring attitude, which defies the laws of statics to bring back to life a design piece from 1940 through the alliance between modern technology and experimental authenticity. The diverse volumes and compositions, in line with the codes of modularity and ease of combination, reveal absolute respect for the earlier models, bringing to the present the original charm of the icons created by contemporary designers and the great masters of modernism. The cabinets, bookshelves and design cupboards are a tangible expression of Cassina’s aesthetic, symbolic and productive excellence - a direct result of the union between an artisanal approach and avant-garde construction.

Contenitori e librerie - 555 HAYAMA - designed by - Patricia Urquiola - Cassina
Patricia Urquiola
Contenitori e librerie - 255 FLAT - designed by - Piero Lissoni - Cassina
255 FLAT
Piero Lissoni
Contenitori e librerie - 114 NUVOLA ROSSA - designed by - Vico Magistretti - Cassina
Vico Magistretti