The modern living landscape is enhanced with this versatile and sophisticated range of designer tables, devised to complete the Cassina sofa systems and to coordinate with the upholstered pieces in the collection.
Differing heights translate into simple, compact shapes or original combinations that express the desire for personalization and constant evolution in the home space. Multifunctional forms vary, shift and follow the unlimited creativity of the artisan concept, introducing clean lines and smooth shapes, sharp edges and irregular outlines, slim bases or sculptural supports. The colour palette is punctuated with intense shades and sophisticated finishes that stand out both in free associations and in harmony with the other interior design features. Not simply utility pieces, but also decorative elements, the designer coffee tables come together in a unique collection full of sophisticated materials and exclusive details, spanning from industrial inspiration to the surprisingly contemporary feel of masterpieces by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Franco Albini and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Tavolini - TRACCIA - designed by - Meret Oppenheim - Cassina
Meret Oppenheim
Tavolini - FLORIAN - designed by - Carlo Scarpa - Cassina
Carlo Scarpa
Tavolini - CONSTANTIN - designed by - Studio Simon - Cassina
Studio Simon
Tavolini - DJUNA - designed by - Kazuhide Takahama - Cassina
Kazuhide Takahama
Tavolini - MARCEL T - designed by - Kazuhide Takahama - Cassina
Kazuhide Takahama