I Maestri
Year of design

The LC3 armchair marked the separation of the metal frame from the upholstery, reflecting Modernist architecture theory, where the support load-bearing structure of the building was separated from the rest. In this case, four discrete cushions are set inside a cage of painted or chrome-finished steel tubes. The same device is adopted for all the other pieces in the collection, from the armchair with an arm-rest on one side only or on both, to the two- or three seater sofas. Over a period of many years, Cassina worked closely with Charlotte Perriand, her heir, as well as with the Fondation Le Corbusier reinterpreting the original design while respecting its original intent, to bring new versions and finishes of this furniture to market. The LC3 Outdoor version is an exemplar of this, crafted from a stainless steel frame and finished in a special textured paint available in five colours. The cushions are covered in water-repellent canvas to ensure maximum durability and reliability in all weathers.


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