Year of design

The Cotone family has acquired new members to go with the upholstered armchair launched in 2017. These are a slim version of the same, called, not surprisingly, Cotone Slim, as well as a table and chair, the latter having a solid wood seat and back. The products in this collection all feature an extruded aluminium frame characterised by sophisticated industrial details. Thanks to these, the pieces can be mixed and matched, according to one’s tastes and requirements. The table, which has a simple yet eye-catching design, comes in four rectangular and one square size, the frame being available in the same colours as the chairs.Distinctive and immediately recognisable, the aluminium frame, both light and strong, conjures an elegant contrast with the natural materials used for the top, and well as with the legs, whose slender lines allow several people to sit around the table in comfort. The new sizes complement, and integrate, the wide range of tables currently belonging to the Cassina catalogue.  


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