Cassina’s collection of designer tables reflects on all aspects of daily life, through each space in the home and office, bringing together high quality materials and distinguishing features in an indissoluble combination of efficiency, stability and elegance. The range explores and surpasses the classic schemes of architectural design, elevating exclusive materials such as marble, solid wood and pure crystal into simplified shapes, sculptural volumes and geometrical lines. Slender legs and minimalist bases give way to advanced solutions and complex shapes that even include a frame of twisted slats, an intersection of stretched cables conceived as a tensegrity structure, and immovable supports creating monolithic fluting or a unique play on solids and voids. Cassina designer desks and tables are representative of the successful association between design and architecture, clear planning and stylistic research, proving that functionality can often emerge from the timeless beauty of true works of art.

Tavoli - DOGE - designed by - Carlo Scarpa - Cassina
Carlo Scarpa
Tavoli - SARPI - designed by - Carlo Scarpa - Cassina
Carlo Scarpa
Tavoli - ANTELLA - designed by - Kazuhide Takahama - Cassina
Kazuhide Takahama
Tavoli - DELFI - designed by - Marcel Breuer - Cassina
Marcel Breuer
Tavoli - LOOP - designed by - Kazuhide Takahama - Cassina
Kazuhide Takahama
Tavoli - ORSEOLO - designed by - Carlo Scarpa - Cassina
Carlo Scarpa
Tavoli - SARPI OFFICE - designed by - Carlo Scarpa - Cassina
Carlo Scarpa