Casiers Standard: the first avant-garde furniture for domestic organisation.

1925. Presented at the Pavillon de l’Esprit Nouveau by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, this revolutionary  project was originally conceived for the office and the need to freely organise objects and space, resulting in modules reminiscent of architectural compositions. It was an idea that had never been explored like this before.

1978. Charlotte Perriand later proposed an adaptation of this sophisticated yet simple container system to Cassina to enter into serial production.

Today. Following research carried out in collaboration with the Le Corbusier Foundation and Pernette Perriand, Cassina presents an evolved version studied to cater for all needs in all environments of the home.

The Cassina Paris Showroom will in fact present this system in various zones of the home from the kitchen and the bathroom to the living room and the children’s room.

Casiers Standard is part of the MutAzioni (Mutations) project launched in 2016 to underline the importance of adapting to contemporary living in a clear manifestation of Cassina’s attitude to support continuous improvement to keep its projects forever actual.


Le Corbusier, UNESCO world heritage

The preservation of Le Corbusier’s works is a long term venture safeguarded and promoted by the Le Corbusier Foundation who Cassina works closely with since its foundation in 1968.

On the 19th of January at the Cassina Paris Showroom, the Swiss Ambassador of the UN's Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization joins Cassina for a talk about the importance of Le Corbusier’s work, following the announcement that 17 of his projects in 7 countries (Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan, Switzerland) have been declared world heritage sites.


Reinventing the ‘standard’ for a presentation during D’Days 2017.

During the same talk, Cassina will present the experimental project “D’un Casier à l’autre …un nouveau Standard” curated by Marie Christine Dorner, designer, interior designer and teacher.

Marie Christine has been invited by Cassina to involve young professionals from her course at the Ecole Camondo, a school integrated into Les Arts Décoratifs specialised in training designers in the disciplines of spatial and object design, in a workshop from January to March.

Inspired by the Casiers Standard, the aim of the project is to reconsider the concept behind the word "standard" by reinventing a piece of furniture with a personal and unique vision.

The projects, including prototypes of the best designs, will be unveiled by Marie Christine at the new Cassina Showroom in rue de Turenne in a special scenography during D’Days, from the 2nd to the 14th of May.