Cassina unveils a special edition of the 699 Superleggera chair
for the exhibition "La Famiglia Rive Gauche" at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche.
6th September - 22nd October, 2017.

Discover a unique lifestyle characterised by authenticity and human warmth.
Following Brazil, Japan, Brooklyn and Paris, this year the Bon Marché Rive Gauche pays homage to Italy.
The exhibition "La Famiglia Rive Gauche" will be on show in store to pay tribute to the creativity, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and emotion of Italy, constant factors of its know-how.
Icons of Italian design, Cassina’s pieces have been available at the Bon Marché for more than 5 years and therefore it was only natural for the brand to take part in this event in the year of its 90th anniversary.

699 Superleggera by Gio Ponti and the Sessantuna table by Gaetano Pesce.
Cassina has been developing limited editions of its iconic pieces for a number of years, for example the Utrecht armchair with Bertjan Pot's Boxblocks fabric, Gerrit T. Rietveld's Zig Zag Paris chair and the LC4 CP chaise-longue by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, an homage by Cassina to Charlotte Perriand for the occasion of the 2014 Louis Vuitton Icônes Collection.
For the exhibition "La Famiglia Rive Gauche", Cassina presents a limited edition of the 699 Superleggera chair, a paradigm of modern design, in the colours of the Italian national flag: green, white and red.
Also on show, a limited edition of the Sessantuna table by Gaetano Pesce, designed in 2011 for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy (1861). A real national flag made of resin, once all the tables representing the 21 regions of Italy are joined together, they form a huge puzzle that recreates the Italian peninsula. For this occasion the single "Valle d'Aosta" table is exhibited.
These limited editions illustrate the authentic and absolute values ​​of Cassina and reflect the brand’s historical heritage for Italian design.