Countdown C90: the first 5 MutAzioni projects revealed at imm cologne 2016 in a home environment designed by Patricia Urquiola

Countdown C90: the first 5 MutAzioni projects revealed at imm cologne 2016 in a home environment designed by Patricia Urquiola

C90: looking towards the future without losing sight of the company’s origins

MutAzioni (Mutations), the first step of the extensive C90 programme to celebrate Cassina’s 90th anniversary in 2017, is a reflection on the brand’s history and an opportunity to cast a contemporary eye on 9 design icons taken from 90 years of history.

In this voyage of knowledge, discovery and development, the first 5 projects are presented at imm cologne 2016: the Met club armchair and chaise-longue elements by Piero Lissoni, the Black Red and Blue chair and the Utrecht armchair in various editions by Gerrit T. Rietveld, the Doge table by Carlo Scarpa (Cassina SimonCollezione) and the Wink chaise-longue by Kita Toshiyuki.

It was not an easy task to choose from the many icons that have marked the evolution of Cassina and contemporary design in general for the MutAzioni project. The selection focuses on models that over the decades have become synonymous with contemporary design but at the same time have never been revised or transformed with the attitude of continuous improvement adopted by Cassina to keep its projects actual and fresh.

By rediscovering and reinforcing the identity of these models, MutAzioni underlines the continuous need to adapt to the evolving environment in which we live.

The next icons will be revealed during 2016.


The Rietveld Pavilion inspires Patricia Urquiola for the Cassina stand at imm cologne 2016

Cassina has always been a source of fascination for Patricia Urquiola, newly appointed Art Director of Cassina and curator of the C90 programme. This can be immediately perceived in Cassina’s stand design which takes inspiration from the Rietveld Pavilion, a temporary structure constructed in 1955 in Arnhem, Holland, to display sculptures, and later reconstructed in the Kröller-Müller Museum’s sculpture garden.

Various elements from this structure have been transferred to the Cassina stand thanks to the meticulous research carried out by Patricia Urquiola. The graphic rhythm and separation of structural elements, recurrent themes in Rietveld’s work, is highlighted in the juxtaposition of the ceiling’s white painted beams and the supporting cement columns painted black. Light, also an important element for the designer, naturally filters from above and through the transparencies of the walls which alternate with larger cement blocks.

Inside the structure an inviting home environment has been recreated with the first 5 MutAzioni projects mixed together with pieces from the 2015 Collection and Cassina classics, many featured in the new fabric collections.