Deadline mirror launch by Ron Gilad @ Cassina IXC, Japan

“Who looks at me from behind doesn’t know who I am” / Ron Gilad, Cassina IXC.

The main installation is made up of 11 scenes that feature the Deadline mirror collection by Ron Gilad.
11 short stories that combine the traditional and the contemporary. Few elements (a mirror, a light or a piece of furniture) are united with a fragment “stolen” from Japanese culture: a Sumo wrestler, a Kokashi doll, modern Haiku, Tatami or even a Pokémon become part of the installation, interacting physically or conceptually, to create ironic, sometimes surreal, scenarios.
The mirrors, situated at different angles, enable both the viewer and the space to take part in the ‘story’; they reflect the spectators’ existence and create an ever-changing experience and a feeling of movement.
The “pied-à-terre”, located in the VIP room on the first floor, is a frozen moment of urban life showcasing Cassina’s masterpieces in a setting one could almost move into and spend the rest of their life.
The “window installation”, located on the first floor and facing the crowded streets of Aoyama, is an invitation to the streetwalkers to stop to view the installation and smile.