« D’un Casier à l’autre … un nouveau Standard ».

From the 2nd to the 14th of May, the new Cassina Rive Droite showroom presents the experimental project « D’un casier à l’autre … un nouveau standard» by Marie Christine Dorner.Cassina asked to the curator, designer, interior designer and professor Marie Christine Dorner to involve young experts who attended her courses at the école Camondo in a workshop, consisting of approximately a dozen meetings in two months, from January to March 2017.Introduced for the first time in 1925 at the Pavillon de l’Esprit Nouveau by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, the Casiers Standard are the first avant-garde furnishings dedicated to domestic organisation.The project by Marie Christine Dorner therefore takes inspiration from the Casiers Standard, recently re-presented by Cassina in a new version.This project aims to question the implied notions of the words « casiers » and « standard « , by reinterpreting furniture with a unique and personal vision.A prestigious jury joined in the middle of March and chose four projects to be developed into prototypes (Constance Frapolli, Xavier Martin) and nodels (Pauline Masson, Lara Grand) while the other four projects are exhibited with drawings, samples and renderings.The 8 projects by the young designers will be unveiled during D’Days in a scenography by Marie Christine Dorner accompanied by a short film by Alexandre Medan about the execution of the workshop with testimonies by all of the participants.