Tre Pezzi Metropolitana armchair by Franco Albini, a tribute to the Metropolitana Milanese’s 50th

Tre Pezzi Metropolitana
For the anniversary of the MM1 line of the Milanese underground designed by Franco Albini and Franca Helg, Cassina presents a new version of the Tre Pezzi armchair designed in 1959, in collaboration with the Franco Albini Foundation.
The red tubular handrail, still today a symbol of the underground passages of the city, has been replicated in the frame of the Tre Pezzi Metropolitana armchair. Whilst the black fabric which upholsters the cushions further highlights this characteristic detail of the subway.
The Tre Pezzi Metropolitana armchair, integrated into the Cassina I Maestri Collection to underline the origins of this feature of the Metropolitana Milanese, can now be ordered at Cassina stores worldwide.