Black Tre Pezzi Wool by Franco Albini … not the black sheep of this family

Another limited edition for the iconic armchair designed by Franco Albini together with his collaborator Franca Helg. Today Cassina proposes a very particular reinterpretation of the Tre Pezzi Wool armchair, this time in black Mongolian goat hair. The high quality upholstery of the black Tre Pezzi Wool armchair has also been processed with exactly the same care and attention as a precious fur accessory and the tumbling technique it undergoes eliminates excess loose hairs. The structure of the armchair is formed by a matte black varnished steel tubular frame.

Cassina has the exclusive worldwide rights for the reproduction of Franco Albini’s designs since 2007 and like all the models in the Cassina I Maestri Collection, the black Tre Pezzi Wool is indelibly branded with the Cassina I Maestri logo, the signature of the author and the serial number, from 001 to 100, certifying the authenticity of the piece.

Black Tre Pezzi Wool armchair -Cassina I Maestri Collection. Developed by Cassina from a 1959 design by Franco Albini and Franca Helg. Measurements: 80 cm x 80 cm x h. 92/42cm.

Limited edition of 100 pieces.