Cassina 2015 Collection réactions poétiques: cultural dialogue to trigger emotions

The “objets à réaction poétique”, in the words of Le Corbusier, are objects that have a strong evocative power.
Objects that he loved to surround himself with as they evoke memories and provoke fantasies.
With this suggestion in mind, in the year of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the LC Collection, Cassina’s 2015 proposals come to life in a home environment enclosed by concrete walls which take details from Le Corbusier’s most revolutionary architectures.
A new collection which puts the revolutionary industrial approach of Marco Zanuso, the new maestro introduced this year, next to the sophisticated rigour of Piero Lissoni. The dreamy design of Jaime Hayon, emphasized in a complete collection of poetic objects inspired by the oeuvre of Le Corbusier, is accompanied by the philosophy of Mario Bellini in the production of the Cab Lounge armchair which unites tailor-made elegance with comfort and ergonomics. And a new group of products with predominantly plastic forms and material qualities is expressed in the unusual shapes of the tables desìgned by Charlotte Perriand and Franco Albini, and in the sinuous form of the chair designed by Michele De Lucchi.
A collection which playfully moves between past, present and future to create a cultural dialogue and to develop the genetic code of Cassina which reiterates the design and production necessity to construct forms to stimulate emotion.
The Cassina attitude.