Cassina Contract furnishings for the Room Mate Giulia hotel, Milan

In the centre of Milan, this 85-room hotel was designed by Patricia Urquiola,
Art Director at Cassina

Cassina Contract worked alongside the architect, coordinating the furnishing project for the rooms and public areas and providing tailor-made furnishings characterised by their high quality, creativity and refined materials

16 March 2016. Cassina Contract worked alongside Patricia Urquiola on the project for the Room Mate Giulia hotel in Milan, developing and producing the tailor-made furnishings for the 85 rooms and the public areas.
Complete furnishings for the rooms included beds with padded heads, tables, desks, sofa beds, wardrobes in tropicalized metal, mirrors and curtains, as well as the reception desks and the bookcase in the hotel lobby.

Patricia Urquiola was inspired by the rigour and irony of the city of Milan
Just a stone’s throw from Piazza Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Room Mate Giulia is a tribute to the city. Even as you enter, you will notice obvious references to traditional materials: the floor is in the same pink marble as that used in the Duomo and the terracotta bricks of the curved wall in the lobby that creates a three-dimensional effect are another typical feature of Milanese architecture. The recurring geometric patterns reproduced on rugs, curtains and walls represent the rigour of this city, and are a clear reference to the graphic arts, an important element of Milan’s cultural history.

A fresh, welcoming hotel, where a stay becomes an experience
The rooms are inspired by typical Italian homes with a vintage touch, the aim being to create a minimal and yet familiar environment where guests will find everything they need during their stay.
The wardrobes have a minimalist look, their lines and materials recalling the concept of industrial shelving. Integration with fabric and wooden chests of drawers make the wardrobe a highly characteristic piece of furnishing that however coordinates with the rest.
The structure is in tropicalized metal, an eco-friendly trivalent galvanic zinc coating process that makes the material highly resistant and gives it an unusual fluorescent hue in the colours of the rainbow.
Other decorative elements include the use of saddle-leather bindings, typical of Cassina production, on the bedheads, breakfast benches and bathroom mirrors.
Attention to detail, together with a strong aesthetic sense, creates fresh, welcoming rooms that reflect the city in their materials and a mix of different languages, all skilfully orchestrated by Patricia Urquiola.

Cassina Contract: knowhow for the hospitality sector
The Cassina Contract Division specialises in the management of projects in many sectors and over the years has developed specific competences in the world of hospitality.
Its name is associated with some of the icon hotels from the 20th century, for which it provided turnkey solutions and services ranging from design to technical assistance, from production to logistics through to installation.
For this project, Cassina Contract closely followed the philosophy of Patricia Urquiola to lend shape to her every concept of space.
The project was particularly interesting due to both the original furnishings and also research into the innovative materials used. The deadlines were yet another challenge for the structure: installation of the fixed furnishings and setting up of the rooms were completed in just two months, involving a team of professionals specialising in various production sectors.
This was yet another project where Cassina Contract worked in partnership mode, the only solution for the creation of some of the most refined interiors in the world, where construction knowledge, craftsmanship ability and innovation come together in unique synthesis.

CASSINA CONTRACT is an established presence in the spheres of art and culture, politics and business, travel and lifestyle, thanks to its ability to operate in very traditional historical contexts as well as in more advanced, experimental and futuristic architectural projects.

ROOM MATE HOTELS is a Spanish hotel chain founded in June 2005. It is based on a philosophy that considers visiting friends in different cities as the best way to travel. With 27 hotels and some 1400 rooms, Rome Mate is a real home from home.