Cassina participates at the Milano Design Film Festival with the documentary film "Le Corbusier 50: stories of encounters that have revolutionised design" for the 50th anniversary of the LC Collection

1965-2015: a golden anniversary for Italian manufacture and the masters of 20th Century design
2015 is an important year for Le Corbusier, not only because it is 50 years since he passed away but also because celebrations are on-going for the 50th anniversary of one of the most significant collections of contemporary design on an international scale: the LC Collection.
In 1964, while Le Corbusier and the co-authors Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand were still alive, Cassina signed the contract to start producing the first four models of this collection, employing a philological process which marked the very beginning of the Cassina I Maestri Collection.
A fascinating story of encounters and know-how
Le Corbusier 50 is a fascinating story, partly unknown, which retraces the life of the renowned architect and the meetings which led to the production of this collection of furniture. Thanks to this story, which in parallel, recounts the worldwide diffusion of Italian style, it is possible to understand the true value of the production and the international diffusion of these modern icons.
The 52 minute documentary underlines the importance of the research and innovation carried out by the Italian industry. By choosing Cassina, Le Corbusier demonstrated recognition of the industrial knowhow of the Italian company which immediately accepted the challenge to produce these revolutionary items, unfamiliar at the time, introducing over the years a series of technical innovations to advance the products from a small artisanal production to an industrial manufacturing process.
Testimonials by international figures, aficionados of the oeuvre of Le Corbusier
The documentary’s narration is enriched with a series of interviews with the most important architects, designers, historians and experts, from Richard Meier and Philippe Starck, to Jean-Louis Cohen and Karl Lagerfeld, as well as historical iconographic and video material provided by the Le Corbusier Foundation, the heirs of the co-authors, Cassina’s Historical Archives and footage from the production house 3D.
Authenticity, keeping Cassina one step ahead of the copycat market
The film also addresses the problem of counterfeits, an issue still quite unknown to the general public, with the aim of clarifying the concept of purchasing authentic design.
Cassina is the only authorised company to produce the designs by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, based on an agreement with the Le Corbusier Foundation and the heirs of the coauthors with whom it is in continuous contact. Right from the very beginning, the models were branded with a progressive production number, an innovative instrument to recognise the artistic value of the pieces and to ensure control of the original production.
It is vital to fight against imitations and protect the culture of design in order to sustain innovation and quality. Cassina’s commitment is to pro-actively develop the LC Collection with product innovation and cultural initiatives to put the copycats in a difficult position where they are unable to compete with the high quality and historical content of the projects.