‘The Cassina Perspective at Night’
Cassina extends its vision of the home to the bedroom

Rest, reflect, regenerate

A place of rest, reflection and regeneration, the bedroom is a magical space where dreams become reality. When night falls it opens the door to meditation, it nurtures new ideas and recharges the body and soul to start a new day with vitality and harmony.

The Cassina 2020 Collection features a complete offer for the bedroom where the company’s icons meet innovative projects by Patricia Urquiola and Rodolfo Dordoni, as well as a new collaboration with Neri&Hu, to create an eclectic and versatile space, in the true spirit of ‘The Cassina Perspective’.


Cassina LAB

In depth research has been carried out by Cassina LAB, a collaboration between the Cassina Research and Development Centre and Poli.design at the Milan Polytechnic, to promote well-being in the bedroom.

The result is the integration of innovative air purification and sound absorption features in order to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Thanks to this study, a wide range of mattresses is available to respond to different customs and measurements combining ergonomics and aesthetics to accompany the culture of sleeping. Eco-friendly materials, deriving from bio-renewable sources, have also been integrated in the mattresses to ensure comfort and rest while considering their effect on the environment.

The collection is completed with an elegant selection of curtains produced in partnership with Dedar and

a new collection of Cassina bed linen.


Patricia Urquiola, Bio-mbo a small haven for well-being

The Bio-mbo bed has been designed as an independent interior, a small haven within the bedroom, that reinvents the concept of intimacy. The bed is characterised by a distinctive padded headboard and optional mobile side wings that create a small independent alcove where one can take refuge.

Skilled tailored workmanship is particularly evident in the cosy horizontal quilted headboard and side wings that incorporate handy pockets with lush leather straps to keep personal objects close. The quilt ing is also available on the exterior of the headboard so that Bio-mbo can be placed centrally in a room.

Thanks to the work carried out with Cassina LAB, the headboard of Bio-mbo is fitted with wellness

features to facilitate a rested night’s sleep:

  • for the fabric headboard, an air sanitisation mechanism with zero emissions that reduces pollutants in the air is available: theBreath® purifying fabric is the first patented technology for air purification that works without energy sources. It captures and disintegrates polluta nts favouring the natural circulation of clean air to create a healthy and safe habitat;

  • sound absorbing panel in Soundfil®, ecological and recyclable, it is a hygienic and non-toxic sound-absorbing thermal insulator that contains and decreases the reverberation of surrounding sound frequencies.

Fabrics and colours come together to create welcoming scenarios for both the home and hotel projects. In fact, this versatile model is adapt for any space : the headboard, high or low, is available with or without quilting and incorporated pockets and with or without side wings, for a total of eight configurations.

The bed is completed with an optional lamp and the Bio-mbo bedside table, featuring a curved aluminium plated side panel and single supporting leg, as well as the Rondos chest of drawers, available in two sizes and characterised by the same distinctive rounded shape as the rest of the collection, to create a warm and informal sleeping area.


Rodolfo Dordoni, complete design excellence

Acute is a classic design by Rodolfo Dordoni that combines and contrasts precious materials such as

leather, wood and marble to create a sophisticatedand complete system to furnish the entire bedroom.

The stained light walnut or stained mocha ash wood headboard, available in a wide or fitted version, features cushions upholstered in fabric or leathers from the Cassina Collection that can be adjusted in height with a leather band to create a comfortable back support. The cushions upholstered in fabric can also be fitted with an insert that reduces pollutants in the air: theBreath® purifying fabric is the first patented technology for air purification that works without energy sources. It captures and disintegrates pollutants with zero emissions favouring the natural circulation of clean air to create a healthy and safe habitat.

Acute is an extremely functional system. The bed is available with two large useful storage drawers elegantly upholstered on the exterior with leather, illuminated niches to place books and objects, as well as incorporated electric sockets and suspended bedside tables that extend directly from the bed’s frame with optional round rotating drawers.

Independent accessories are also available to construct a complete bedroom setting, this includes a wooden bench, that can be padded and expertly upholstered in soft leather, and a side table with two levels, one with a rotating marble top and the other in wood or lacquered top that can be combined with both the bed and the bench.


A new collaboration with Neri&Hu for a freestanding system for the bedroom

In a new collaboration for Cassina, the Shanghai based studio founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu

design a first collection of accessories to complete the sleeping area.

The Stay collection consists in freestanding furnishing accessories that can be combined to accompany even the most nomadic spirit creating a place to keep one’s belongings in the serenity and refuge of the home.

Created during this unique time of staying at home, Neri&Hu explores notions of domesticity, shelter and the inner sanctum with this debut collection. Functionally, the collection is for the storage of domestic objects, so the name also refers to how clothes and objects “stay” in their storage spaces, drawing a humorous parallel to our current human condition.

The Stay Collection is a tribute to our collective experience of sheltering (including objects) and, as the

world around us feels increasingly unstable, the home is a resilient source of comfort and stability.

The Stay Screen is characterised by its elegant double finish: the interior is available in Canaletto walnut, ash wood stained mocha or stained black ash wood, while the exterior is lacquered in a choice of eight colour variations. The screen is made up of three panels joined by gun metal or bronze hinges that allow the piece to fully close inwards.

Stay Screen is perfect not only to create private partitions, but also to hang items thanks to the accessories that can be attached to the screws on the top of the screen’s panel. These consist in one high and one low gun metal or bronze hook, a long mirror with a pressed internal frame and a round mirror, that can be combined with the vanity table, with the same pressed internal frame.

The combined Stay Vanity Table features a gun metal or bronze tubular structure and a wooden top with precious saddle leather inserts and a single solid wood drawer, lined internally with saddle leather, designed to hold jewellery and small items.

In combination, the Stay Clothes Stand, with the same gun metal or bronze finish, has been designed to hang a variety of garments. It features precious details in wood, to hang clothes and place small objects, and a low marble shelf to rest shoes and bags; this also acts as a counterweight to give the product further stability.