Cassina presents the limited edition LC4 CP chaise-longue as an homage to Charlotte Perriand for the occasion of the 2014 Louis Vuitton Icônes Collection

Cassina shares its passion with Louis Vuitton for Charlotte Perriand and launches a limited edition (1000 pieces) of the evocative LC4 chaise-longue designed by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand to honour this pioneering architect.
The LC4 CP ‘relaxing machine’
The inspiration of this innovative tribute piece dates back to the then controversial - now renowned - photo of Charlotte Perriand relaxing on one of the first models of the chaise-longue with a self-supporting mattress attached directly to the frame. Considered as the ultimate ‘relaxing machine’ this object has always been special for Charlotte Perriand as it perfectly reflects her idea of functional furniture which caters to the natural human form to create maximum comfort.
The most innovative workmanship in 80 years of history
The LC4 CP is highly innovative thanks to the workmanship of the self-supporting mattress which has been developed using Cassina’s industrial know-how and Louis Vuitton’s expertise in saddlery craftsmanship: the natural cow hide leather supplied by Louis Vuitton’s tannery is attached directly to the structure, and the contrasting dark brown saddle-leather has been applied for the foot and headrest.
Characteristic Louis Vuitton details can be particularly recognised in the yellow stitching of the natural saddle leather and the elegant leather headrest straps which recall the workmanship of the Louis Vuitton signature handbags.
Each basalt coloured base carries the dedication“Hommage de Cassina à Charlotte Perriand à l’occasion de la Collection Icônes 2014 de Louis Vuitton” and is authenticated with the progressive limited edition production number. The authors’ signatures along with the Cassina I Maestri logo are engraved, as always, on the structure to underline that Cassina is the only authorised company to manufacture furniture designed by Charlotte Perriand. This distinctive design icon is available at premium Cassina boutiques around the world.
Iconic inspiration for timeless elegance
Louis Vuitton has chosen Charlotte Perriand’s non-conformist style as inspiration for the 2014 Spring /Summer 2014 and Fall/ Winter 2014-2015 Icônes Collections. Her passion for travelling, photography, architecture and design led her to create visionary designs with a refined minimalism which are reflected in the style of Louis Vuitton’s collections currently being launched in stores around the world where Charlotte Perriand’s furniture by Cassina is also protagonist of the window displays.
Charlotte Perriand biography
Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) holds full membership of the avant-garde cultural movement which, from the first decades of the twentieth century, brought about a profound change in aesthetic values and gave birth to a truly modern sensitivity towards everyday life. In this context, her specific contribution focuses on interior composition, conceived as creating a new way of living, still today at the heart of contemporary lifestyle.
In the sphere of twentieth century furnishing history, the advent of modernity made possible the entrepreneurial audacity of this true reformer of interior design. At the beginning of her professional career Perriand was acclaimed by critics for her Bar under the roof, exhibited at the Salon d’Automne in 1927, constructed entirely in nickel-plated copper and anodized aluminium. In the same year, when she was just twenty-four years old, she began a decade-long collaboration with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, at the famous design studios at 35 rue de Sèvres in Paris.
Charlotte Perriand’s presence at the Le Corbusier studio is visible in all the furnishings designed together: here she became a cornerstone in the reformation project promoted by the architect, adding a distinct dimension of humaneness to the often cold rationalism of Le Corbusier. In her creations she manages to animate the fundamental substance of daily life with new aesthetic values: in particular her talent and intuition in the discovery and use of new materials manifest themselves to their full extent.
The ten-year long collaboration with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, and her Japanese experience, represent periods of intense creative effervescence in the life of the artist. During her long stay in the Far East (‘40-‘46), she reveals her artistic talent to the full, through a reinterpretation of the reality of life to echo both tradition and modernity. By way of example, worthy of mention are the furnishings produced using traditional bamboo processing techniques, capable of enhancing the new forms already experimented using steel-tubing.
After her professional work as an architect, she concentrated on a series of original and balanced productions, commissioned by top-level authorities and leading companies of the calibre of Air France, and by a number of foreign organisations, authenticating the fame she had by now gained on the international scene.
Charlotte Perriand’s personality was particularly characterised by her sincere loyalty to and great passion for the principles of humane and innovative rationalism, preserved intact in her projects and recreated in the Cassina I Maestri Collection.