Cassina Sleeping Authentic


Rodolfo Dordoni, Piero Lissoni, Philippe Starck - a new collection of signature beds enriching Cassina’s sleeping culture.

Milan, 20th September 2012. Sleeping Authentic is the original interpretation of the sleeping area. Four new signature beds: Sled by Rodolfo Dordoni, Moov and Mex by Piero Lissoni, Volage by Philippe Starck. The setting for the launch event is the historic Milanese showroom in via Durini, newly renovated by Piero Lissoni.

The fulcrum of the new Cassina bed collection is a reflection on the bed’s double meaning: a welcoming, relaxing object and a tool for resting. Cassina has entrusted the design to three contemporary architects, Dordoni, Lissoni and Starck and together delves into the structural heart of the bed with thorough research on the culture of sleeping and the use of the most advanced techniques and systems to ensure proper rest. Each bed offers a well-balanced synthesis between form and function, aesthetics and content, culture and industry. Sleeping Authentic. An authentic, coherent and complete project. It is an innovative collection designed to offer a quality of life that unites the best of aesthetics with ergonomics and comfort.

The bed as a guarantee of correct and healthy rest.
Cassina has performed an in-depth study into every single structural aspect of the bed, selecting the most advanced technologies to guarantee the best performance. Four different types of sprung bed bases are used to target specific ergonomic needs. The wooden staves are all new generation, capable of moving in various directions, thanks to special mechanisms and assembly systems, favouring body movements that provide a better quality of rest. The mattresses are also of the highest quality, calibrated to accommodate the various movements and positions in sleep: the specially designed springs, all separated and individually covered, ensure long life and offer differentiated anatomical support. The linings of the mattresses are made of special materials that move when in contact with the body and then resume their original form. Even the mattress supports are filled with innovative materials, providing the sensation of sleeping on a cloud.

The bed as a scenographic element.
Sled. The material charm of wood and Rodolfo Dordoni’s essential style. Moov. Clean lines and softness of volumes. Mex. Clean geometries, soft and cosy. Two expressions of elegance by Piero Lissoni. Volage. Aerodynamic modern momentum and traditional workmanship mixed with Philippe Starck’s creativity and savoir-faire.

From the living room to the sleeping area - a challenge of creative flexibility.
Each bed captures the essence of the sleeping area in its own way, and is the natural evolution of the concept of comfort and style of a sofa by the same designer already in the Cassina I Contemporanei Collection. The aesthetic matrix maintains its strength and the original inspiration is proposed in a new, independent declination: a creative challenge that has always characterised the spirit of Cassina. The three designers have also developed a series of furnishings for each bed, to alternate with pieces from the Cassina I Maestri Collection that can be used as night tables: Franco Albini’s Cicognino table, Le Corbusier’s Tabouret, Charlotte Perriand's Tabouret Berger and Méribel or Gerrit T. Rietveld’s Schroeder table. Authentic icons in an unexpected context that reveal an unpredictable yet efficient use.

The Cassina showroom, an authentic innovative space.
The presentation of the Sleeping Authentic project finds its natural habitat in the Cassina showroom in via Durini, Milan, which has been a place of ideas, innovation and a meeting point for the world of contemporary design since 1968. Over the course of time renowned designers such as Mario Bellini, Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni have interpreted the showroom. Today, in the suggestive interpretation of the architect Piero Lissoni, culture and industry alternate continuously. Industrial neon lights illuminate numerous domestic scenes, which dialogue in a fluid, bright environment, in the tones of neutral shades of grey and white. Fragments of exposed walls reveal original brick work in an irregular texture covered by a simple coat of paint. Pleasant material sensations, in search of authenticity that goes deep beyond the surface.

Sled bed, Rodolfo Dordoni
Cassina’s expertise in wood craftsmanship can be recognised in the working of the headboard and the original rear shelf, which can be used as an unconventional night table or a small night-time bookshelf, for a bed with a compact, measured form which is at the same time dynamic. Sled is ideal for the centre of the room, in a large and important sleeping area, where it is perfectly accessible from all sides. Clear and fine geometry for the soft cushions of the headboard, in perfect continuity with the wood surface. The bed, with a stained black oak frame, is also available in a Sled Slim version, without the rear shelf, that is adaptable to the wall.
Rodolfo Dordoni has also designed some wooden furnishings to complete the sleeping area: a desk with an asymmetrical top and integrated drawers, and two night tables on castors available with one or two drawers.
Measurements: 178, 188 or 198cm x 254cm - Sled Slim 233cm (mattress 160, 170 or 180cm x 200cm) x h.30/50/65cm or h.30/50/90cm - Sled Slim h.66 or 91cm.
King size 211cm x 257cm - Sled Slim 236cm (mattress 193cm x 203cm) x h.30/50/65cm or h.30/50/90cm - Sled Slim h.66 or 91cm.
178 or 198cm x 264cm - Sled Slim 243cm (mattress 160 or 180cm x 210cm) x h.30/50/65cm or h.30/50/90cm - Sled Slim h.66 or 91cm.

Moov bed, Piero Lissoni
Moov. Linear. Elegant. Balanced. Aluminium feet. Large and comfortable. The functional cushion-holder allows cushions to be stored neatly during the day, maintaining a more harmonious headboard. Moov can be upholstered in fabric or leather.
Measurements: 170, 180 or 190cm x 220cm (mattress 160, 170 or 180cm x 200cm) x h.34/54/80cm.
King size 203 x 223cm (mattress 193cm x 203cm) x h.34/54/80cm.
170 or 180cm x 230cm (mattress 160 or 180cm x 210cm) x h.34/54/80cm.

Mex bed, Piero Lissoni
Mex. Padded. Generous. Welcoming. Its soft simplicity is visually relaxing. Base and headboard, equipped with a cushion-holder, make it a pleasant continuum. The bed is proposed in a version with a large internal storage space with a hinge opening and spring lifting mechanism, or without the container. Mex can be upholstered in fabric or leather.
Measurements: 169, 179 or 189cm x 233cm (mattress 160, 170 or 180cm x 200cm) x h.28/45/68cm.
King size 202cm x 236cm (mattress 193cm x 203cm) x h.28/45/68cm.
169 or 179cm x 243cm (mattress 160 or 180cm x 210cm) x h.28/45/68cm.
The Note Night furnishings designed by Piero Lissoni for both beds are eclectic. The night table with two open compartments and the cubic drawer can be used independently or integrated amongst themselves. One or two drawers can be freely placed in the night table.

Volage bed, Philippe Starck
The classic rigour of the headboard is enriched with the precious industrial workmanship developed by Cassina in leather or fabric capitonné. The poetic lightness starts from the tall and slender feet in polished aluminium. An unusual combination, subtly provocative, in a new aesthetic where everything fits and works together. A freedom of vision and interpretation with a very ample abacus. The headboard is available in various sizes, flush with the edge of the bed, high or low with parts in projection, and can be integrated with two lamps designed by Philippe Starck. The larger variant almost becomes a boiserie. Starck has also designed two accessories: a night table or container with a crystal parallelepiped with a steel chromium-plated base and a bench with a leather or fabric capitonné seat with supports in bright aluminium.
A place to host and trigger all the phantasmagoria.
Measurements: 160, 170 or 180cm x 210cm (mattress 160, 170 or 180cm x 200cm) x h.28/48/110cm or 190cm.
King size 193cm x 213cm (mattress193cm x 203cm) h.28/48/110cm or 190cm.
160 or 180cm x 220cm (mattress 160 or 180cm x 210cm) x h.28/48/110cm or 190cm.