Dadà: sophisticated building blocks to construct organised storage in perfect harmony with Kazuhide Takahama’s original project

Cassina SimonCollezione in continuous expansion
Following the acquisition in 2013 of the historical brand Simon, founded by Dino Gavina and Maria Simoncini in the 1960’s, Cassina continues its quest to develop projects from the vast archives at its disposal thanks to the intense philological research carried out in collaboration with the designers’ heirs and academics.
Dadà, versatile modular storage with infinite combinations
Centred around a ‘building block’ concept, Dadà’s single rectangular elements can be fixed together and enriched with shelves and drawers to create striking graphic compositions for all kinds of spaces. Based on the decomposition of the large bookshelf, Dadà is a flexible storage solution, particularly for today’s smaller homes.
Cassina has proposed a selection of fixed configurations which include a corner element to fit around the sofa, an organised wall unit and an asymmetrical free-standing bookshelf.
Contrarily one can freely choose to construct their own system depending on their personal needs.
“Dadà is a minimal element necessary to construct an ‘infinite’ and ‘unforeseeable’ piece of furniture” Virgilio Vercelloni, L’avventura del design: Gavina, Editoriale Jaca Book, Milano 1987.
Historical research to recover aesthetic details
Designed in 1965 by the Japanese architect Kazuhide Takahama, Dadà was an instantaneous success for the company Simon who developed it in 1969 for industrial manufacture. However, in the intensive research carried out by Cassina in collaboration with the design historian Elena Brigi, details were identified in historical photos taken in Takahama’s own home which were later omitted from Simon’s serial production. Dadà was in fact envisioned in solid wood with slightly smoothed edges not only to highlight its constructive elements but also to protect its corners from damage.
Cassina’s 2015 proposal therefore resumes the aesthetics of the original project thanks to the high quality wood-workmanship, typical of the brand’s heritage, which is particularly evident in the piece’s dovetail joints. Further functional details have also been added such as the system to fix the modules together to guarantee stability and a base for the supporting module which raises it from the ground so as not to damage its surface.
Dadà is available in solid oak and American walnut with the possibility to choose between three colours to finish its interior: sage green, amaranth red and midnight blue.
Single module: 55x27.5xh.55cm