D’Days 2014

D’Days 2014
OP ! by Patrick Norguet

The Cassina Paris Showroom hosts a project installation inspired by kinetic art and Op art from the 1960s, which takes the form of large, translucent screen-printed panels fitted within 5 beams/bases which outline a deconstructed space where Patrick Norguet’s pristine white furniture awaits infinite, fleeting “impressions”.

Spectators are invited to move around this fixed space to discover shifting silhouettes in motion. Movement becomes a medium in and of itself, and the spectator influences the object, transforming themselves into the artist.

The colourful projections glisten off everything they touch as shapes change before the very eyes of the spectators who witness the waltzing silhouettes in an emotional ballet. The spectators lose all sense of space as their mind is freed to explore pure sensation.

Encircled by undulating filters, the pieces change as one moves between different viewpoints and the geometric screens clash with the curved lines of the furniture which are masked by the different chromatic schemes, they aren’t quite the same but yet not entirely different...

This metamorphosis transforms the furniture into a kind of 3D palimpsest, upon which the different aspects of our relationship with the object are superimposed. Every look, every angle, every hint of curiosity writes a new narrative or creates a new shape.

The pieces are movement locked in place…

The collaboration with Patrick Norguet, which began in 2013 with the P22 armchair and the M10 chair this year, continues with this installation which highlights the dialogue installed between the brand and the designer. OP! emphasizes once again the DNA of Cassina and its sensitivity for research and innovation and its role in the promotion of contemporary design.