Excellence at its best Cassina and Venini present Colourdisc a first project by Bethan Laura Wood

The holistic approach of 'The Cassina Perspective' allows accessories to be developed with specialised, high-end partners to complete the various areas of the home.

Since 1921, Venini has been making authentic hand-made blown glass masterpieces in its furnaces in Murano in Venice. For the Cassina 2020 Collection, the English designer Bethan Laura Wood has interpreted the perfect synthesis between centenary art and contemporary design with the Colourdisc duo of vases, a fruit bowl and cylindrical flower vase, produced by Venini.

A series of coloured compositions of discs and diamonds in Murano glass, casted in metal forms during production, are placed around a brass volume, available in two light finishes, to create a graphic dialogue between the vase and its contents. Inside the structure it is possible to insert an optional blown glass vase in amber or horizon blue to offer an additional pool of colour to the object while also allowing it to be more easily filled with water for flowers.

Each decorative glass shape combines two points of colour from the Venini Archive that, through their overlapping, create a third shade. This coloured lens, with a dedicated combination for each size, filters the contents of the vase and, at the same time, creates a frame that highlights it. When the discs are hit by sunlight or evening spotlights, colours reflect on the vase to create a kaleidoscopic effect.
The glass forms are fixed to the structure’s body with two brass pins - like those used for the structure of the Olimpino table by Ico Parisi - drawing an abstract shape of the traditional 1960s disc chandeliers.

“It is very important for Cassina to collaborate with the most qualified partners in order to be able to develop accessories that can complete our offer for the home. Working with an excellence like Venini demonstrates how two Italian companies can collaborate to promote creativity on an international level."
Luca Fuso - CEO of Cassina

“We are very proud of the collaboration with Cassina which gives us the opportunity, once again, to demonstrate VENINI's ability to dialogue with the design world. It was a great pleasure to work with such a talented designer like Bethan Laura Wood and we are delighted to have produced this project with Cassina as we share the same values of excellence, uniqueness and Italian production: key elements of our DNA that we diffuse throughout the world through our products."
Silvia Damiani – President of VENINI and Vicepresident of the DAMIANI Group

“A duo of vases is the colourful outcome of my first collaboration with Cassina and Venini. The pieces play with both the physical weight and harmonics of colour for a dramatic balancing act with satellites of glass arrayed round its light core.”
Bethan Laura Wood