The first design brand to open a second showroom in Paris, in the heart of the Marais.

14 March 2017. To mark its 90th anniversary, Cassina has strengthened its presence in France with the opening of a second showroom in Paris.
The Rive-Gauche showroom on boulevard Saint Germain has now been joined by Cassina's new store in the Marais, in the heart of Paris, with a project by the brand’s art director, Patricia Urquiola.

In-store Philosophy 3: an original way to communicate in-store.
Cassina Rive-Droite is a perfect example of In-store Philosophy 3, a new phase of the brand’s coordinated image conceived by Patricia Urquiola.
The 230m2 space stands out for its combination of antique architectural elements, like the beams and the Caen stone columns typical of the Marais area, with more contemporary elements such as sheets of coloured glass and aluminium partitions. The antique facade now hosts the new display windows.
On entering, a path of marble granules (seminato Veneziano) contrasted with the warmth of the oak flooring, leads the visitor to an area of the showroom where iconic products such as the Utrecht armchairs by Gerrit T. Rietveld and the Gender armchair, recently designed by Patricia Urquiola, are displayed.
Panels in brightly coloured anodised aluminium hang on the walls like works of art: these touches of blue, orange and red emphasise the presence of the different pieces of furniture placed in front.
Numerous products are displayed in this inviting environment which is separated by graphic anodized alumnium screens with vertical louvres. The particular workmanship of the screens results in a wavy effect that offers different perspectives of the space depending on one’s position and the lighting.
Characteristic perforated 3D metal sheets in various colours also define areas of the store.
“It is a space that is not personal and is not neutral. It is not a home neither a showroom. It is a meeting point for clients and architects. It is a place to communicate and listen to our public. It is the home for Cassina fans and new Cassina lovers. It is the home of research.” Patricia Urquiola.

A site steeped in history.
The history of the site dates back to the parcelling out of the district at the end of the 17th Century. At that time, the Marais was a derelict area. In 1692, King Louis XIV ordered the construction of a number of barracks on the outskirts of the city (Marais), entrusting their design to his own official architect, Jean Beausire.
Although the project was cancelled, on 17 June 1700, a Mr and Mrs Beausire sold this residence (where the showroom is now) to Jean Gavrelle, a bourgeois Parisian.
All of the original drawings, plans and elements found recall an aristocratic home rather than a bourgeois residence.
Pierre Robineau (an ancestor of the current owners) bought this space on 3 April 1850.

International expansion.
Cassina Rive-Droite is part of the brand’s retail development strategy, with the opening of three directly owned stores in 2016 (Scalo Milano, Shanghai and Madrid) and a second store on the Rive-Droite in Paris in 2017.
This intensification in the run-up to Cassina’s 90th anniversary celebrations underlines the importance of international distribution for the brand, already present with its own directly owned stores in London, Meda, Milan, New York Midtown, New York SoHo and Paris. Cassina also boasts a strong network of partners and dealers worldwide.

Cassina Rive-Droite
129 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris