The Guéridon J.M. table by Charlotte Perriand. In production for the very first time by Cassina.

A functional object inspired by Japanese hospitality traditions

Inspired by the traditional Japanese low tables, Charlotte Perriand designed this small stackable table in 1953 for the house in Tokyo of her husband Jacques Martin (J.M.), manager of Air France in Japan.

Only 9 were actually produced for the house that was not only their home but frequently used for hosting. One of these examples, today called the table Air France, is now part of the collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou museum.

In Japan it was custom to serve meals during receptions on small trays with a black lacquered wooden floor support which were piled on top of each other after use.

Spurred by this tradition, Charlotte Perriand imagined a similar item with a ‘Western touch’: a small individual table produced from a single folded thin aluminium sheet, with two side openings to lighten the structure.

The project was first presented in Tokyo in 1955 during the exhibition Synthèse des arts Le Corbusier, Fernand Léger, Charlotte Perriand.

Complex workmanship for a first serial production in saddle leather

This edition of the Guéridon J.M. small table presented today by Cassina in collaboration with Pernette Perriand-Barsac, has been produced for the first time in saddle leather, a noble and contemporary material that Charlotte Perriand loved.

The saddle leather, available in six colour variants, is cut with a template to adapt to the curved shape of the table. The material is glued with mastery to the fibreglass structure and stitched along its profile as if it were a saddle. A complex process, carried out by hand, which characterises the savoir-faire of Cassina’s production.

The piece has multiple uses: a small table to place next to the sofa, a support to rest a lamp, vase, books and magazines or cocktail, or a foot stool. It is one of those rare objects that adapts to various uses that are discovered over time.