Lo showroom di Cassina a Meda si rinnova

A new look for Cassina’s showroom in Meda
Meda 10th October 2013. Cassina has inaugurated a new showroom in Meda as part of a project to invest in its surrounding territory with the aim of improving and developing its production area.
Cassina’s historical headquarters in Meda, renowned as a fulcrum of ideas, experimentation and innovation from back when Cesare and Umberto Cassina transferred the company here in the 1940’s, have been transformed and extended with a new showroom project by the architect Piero Lissoni.

An industrial history marked by the great masters of architecture
Already in the 1950’s Cassina first established a showroom in via Busnelli 1 to host the furnishings designed by Ico Parisi and Gio Ponti. The famous scene of the launch of the 699 Superleggera chair, an alternative test to verify the solidity of its structure, took place from the first floor of the very same building. These headquarters as a result became witness to the great changes and transformations of contemporary furniture design. In the 1970’s, the last important renovation of the showroom was carried out by the architect Tobia Scarpa after the Soriana model was awarded the Compasso d’Oro prize. The project was particularly characterised by the use of concrete elements and the division of the interior space with a mezzanine which increased the exhibition area.

History in the making: Piero Lissoni’s new project lies between industrial spirit and domestic elegance
Piero Lissoni’s new interpretation extends the floor space of the showroom from 325m2 to 489m2, eliminating walls to create a more fluid and open space, also thanks to the windows which overlook the main street.
Part of the mezzanine from Scarpa’s initial project, now accessible thanks to a metal staircase with a transparent glass stairway, has been maintained to further articulate the space and to create different visual perspectives from above. Other important details from the previous project have also been preserved in Lissoni’s new proposal: some typical traits from Scarpa’s architecture, such as the concrete decorative elements of the structural pillars and the lowering of different zones below street level to create exhibition areas, testimony the showroom’s history.
Elegant grey tones prevail throughout the showroom, from the walls to the oak stave flooring, creating a warm backdrop which hosts a variety of products in various domestic environments from the Cassina I Maestri Collection and the Cassina I Contemporanei Collection, to the new bed collection and the recent acquisition of the Simon brand, now Cassina SimonCollezione.
An industrial environment is evoked also thanks to the use of metal cages which recall large “birdcages” in various sizes and in a range of textures, to create different ambiences and outdoor areas: a separation which maintains a transparency of space with an industrial spirit and domestic elegance.

The great potentiality of the furniture district
The Brianza area has always been an important centre for furniture production, sales and management for the Cassina brand. This is mainly because this furniture area offers interesting potentiality for growth and development thanks to the specific competences which are historically rooted here.
Considering this, Cassina first launched its expansion project in 2012 when the brand opened new offices in Lentate sul Seveso for the Research & Development and Industrialisation Divisions, as well as functional areas for the Historical Archives and warehouse logistics, with the aim of improving the quality of work.
"I am really happy to present this new showroom that all our international clients and contemporary furniture design fans can now visit. The project, by Piero Lissoni, is part of a comprehensive plan that concentrates on the local area which we believe is fundamental to invest in to be able to guarantee the best of what our territory can produce". Gianluca Armento – Cassina Brand Director.
"The showroom in Meda is a pure theatrical space and the perfect prototype for the creation of similar Cassina showrooms throughout the world". Piero Lissoni.