Patricia Urquiola nominated Art Director of Cassina and also starts a collaboration with the Creative Management of Poltrona Frau Group

Patricia Urquiola and Poltrona Frau Group announce a collaboration that will see the designer participate in the process of continuously strengthening the creative strategies of the group, leader in the high-end furniture sector. The partnership marks Poltrona Frau Group’s growing global vision and its desire to continue to increase the potential of its companies, keeping their creative choices independent and consistent with their positioning.
“Patricia Urquiola will have a significant role in leading this centre of excellence where she will contribute to defining the future vision of the group, whilst meticulously keeping the identity and characteristics of the companies unique.”
Dario Rinero, CEO Poltrona Frau Group.
Patricia will collaborate with the Creative Management of Poltrona Frau and Giulio Cappellini, Art Director of Cappellini. This partnership is a development of the work Patricia Urquiola already carries out on art direction, products and spaces with Haworth, the American holding which Poltrona Frau Group has been part of since 2014.
Cassina and Patricia Urquiola: a joint passion for the legacy of the design Masters as Cassina turns 90
In addition to Patricia Urquiola’s role within Poltrona Frau Group, she has been appointed Art Director of Cassina. As the company is preparing to celebrate its 90th anniversary, this collaboration further enriches Cassina’s creative power.
Cassina has always been a source of fascination and inspiration for the designer, particularly for the research that the company carries out to identify new forms and meanings in the furniture sector. Cassina’s connection to the modern spirit and the work carried out in the company by Vico Magistretti, one of Patricia Urquiola’s key influences, are also part of the legacy that has inspired the designer.
“It’s a great honour and a great responsibility to become part of a heritage, a history, an identity so important for international design. My intention is to take into consideration the company’s past, its cultural background, not as a passive container, but as a systematic part of the mind, the integration of processes and the creation of an empathetic relationship.”
Patricia Urquiola.
The first projects underway for Patricia Urquiola and Cassina include the renewal of the brand’s historic Midtown New York Showroom, research and development for new projects to be launched in 2016, and the preparation of Cassina’s extensive 90 year celebration programme for 2016-2017.