Salone del Mobile 2014: 1=2

1=2 and 2=1: colour combinations for the versatile tables designed by Jean Nouvel

A new name for Cassina
Architect Jean Nouvel is a new name for the Cassina collection with the introduction of the 1=2 tables, acquired in 2013 from the Zeritalia brand at the same time as the acquisition of the historic Italian brand Simon. Now this range of tables, made up of two extendible overlapping pieces with an automatic levelling system, has been expanded further with a new low coffee table version, the 2=1, and a variety of finishings, making it suitable for both the home and the office. “I have always loved the idea of something that turns into something else. The 1=2 table stems from a simple idea: two small stacked tables. If you raise the height of the legs, when you lift one of the two tables and place it next to other it forms one large table! This is the central idea: expanding on a single function to create multiple functions; creating different dimensions to cater for different uses". Jean Nouvel

Colours and graphical elements for a minimal design
The finishings of the glass tops of these high and low tables create colour effects: in contrasting or matching colours, with numerous possible combinations. Cassina has in fact developed new soft touch surface finishings using an innovative product that is coupled with the glass. This treatment provides multiple technical and sensory features, making the top more resistant and more pleasing to the touch. For this version, the legs are also lacquered in the same colour to create a highly striking monochromatic effect that further emphasises the lightness of this table.
Dimensions 1=2:
square top 68x68cm / 86x86cm/ 100x100cm x h.75cm for the fixed table/ h.71-
75cm for the adjustable table
rectangular top 136x68cm/ 172x68cm/ 172x86cm x h.75cm for the fixed table/ h.71-
75cm for the adjustable table
console 86x43cm/ 125x50cm x h.75cm for the fixed console/ h.71-75cm for the
adjustable console.
Dimensions 2=1:
square top 68x68cm/ h. 40cm, 68x68cm/ h. 35cm, 43x43cm 35cm
rectangular top 125x43cm x h. 35cm; 136x68cm x h.35cm.
Top: 15mm tempered glass which can be lacquered
black or white soft touch finishing
white, yellow, brown, red, grey, blue and black for the extra clear transparent glass
red, black or white for the glazed glass
float or extra clear, transparent glass effect
Legs: polished steel or, for the black or white soft touch version, lacquered in the same colour as the
2=1 table by Jean Nouvel, Cassina I Contemporanei Collection
1=2 table by Jean Nouvel, Cassina I Contemporanei Collection