Salone del Mobile 2014: 8

8, a sign of infinite perfection by Piero Lissoni

8: perfect proportions and comfort
Following on from the symmetrical design of the Toot sofa designed by Piero Lissoni for Cassina in 2009, 8 (in Italian otto) is the perfect conclusion to this palindromic proposal, with its balanced proportions and heightened comfort. This modular sofa, available in a wide range of configurations, offers extra comfort thanks to the feather inserts in the sofa’s seat, backrest and armrests which create a soft and sinking sensation.

Sartorial attention to detail
8’s upholstery has been precisely channeled with sartorial craftsmanship into the central groove of its flexible panels, highlighting Cassina’s artisanal manufacturing skills. The minimal and sober design of 8 is further enriched by the detailed workmanship of the upholstery of the independent armrest cushions which fit perfectly into the framework of the structure. Their tailor-made folds and invisible stitching further enrich the silhouette of the piece.

9: cylindrical accessories
The collection has been completed by a range of high and low side tables which resemble refined dumbbells. The white Carrara or black Marquinia marble base balances the support for the matching marble table top or, alternatively, a tray in anthracite coloured aluminium with glass painted brick red or a coffee colour with a mirrored effect.

Two-seater 175x88xh.78/41cm /205x88xh.78/41cm (large)
Two-seater end module (right/left) 163x88xh.78/41cm
Three-seater 251x88xh.78/41cm
Three-seater end module (right/left) 239x88xh.78/41cm
Corner module 88x88xh.78/41cm
Chaise-longue singular/end module (right/left) 88x165xh.78/41cm
Armchair 104x88xh.78/41cm
Padding: polyurethane foam.
Seat, backrest and armrest cushions: different densities of polyurethane foam with feather padding.
Upholstery: removable fabric or leather from the Cassina collections.
Frame: aluminium with elastic belts.
Feet: polished aluminium or painted low gloss anthracite.
9 tables Measurements:
Ø40xh.44/49/54cm (marble top and base)
Ø40xh.45/50/55cm / Ø70xh.28cm (marble base and aluminium/ glass top).
Table top: white Carrara marble, black Marquinia marble, anthracite aluminium, mirrored glass painted
brick red or a coffee colour.
Table top support: aluminium painted anthracite grey.
Base: white Carrara marble, black Marquinia marble.