Salone del Mobile - Divano Miloe, Piero Lissoni

Miloe. Harmony and comfort for all homes Piero Lissoni, Cassina I Contemporanei Collection

More than a sofa, Miloe is a landscape in which to recognise and rediscover yourself - a skyline to be modelled into the most comfortable configurations each time, making you feel totally at ease. A series of soft cushions of various sizes and colours gives life to infinite graphical and emotional effects: more than one concentrated at one end of the sofa in a relaxing asymmetry, many together, an inviting oasis of larger and smaller ones overlapping each other at the centre, or two large ones positioned tidily in a classical yet enveloping arrangement.

A sensation of warmth is transmitted in every detail, such as in the use of grosgrain fabric to finish the border of the cushions: usually this compact and densely weaved material is wrapped around a small cord however in this case it has been simply folded and sewn together to give a real lived look. The grosgrain is available in five colours (ivory, anthracite, apple green, orange and cobalt).

Miloe, with its fabric or leather upholstery, adapts perfectly to every environment thanks to its highly versatile and broad abacus. The sofa is available in two different depths, favouring conversation or relaxation, in both cases it has been designed to be inviting. The modules, with Dacron® or down-padding for a softer look, are made up of central pieces with different widths, corner pieces, right and left end pieces and a pouf.

The skyline of the sofa can be enhanced with various dark stained oak wood elements which can be added to and integrated with the modules/seats and used as surfaces for glasses, a vase, a lamp, and as mini bookcases. There are also additional complementary items such as a round coffee table with a glass top and a square table with an oak wood surface.

Measurements: Left/ right end element: 110 x 115 or 94 x h. 63/41 cm; central element: 110 x 115 or 94 x h. 63/41 cm, 82 x 115 or 94 x h. 63/41 cm; two-seater sofa: 220 x 115 or 94 h. 63/41 cm; square corner element: 115 x 115 x h. 63/41 cm; left/right corner element: 115 x 94 x h. 63/41 cm; pouf: 110 x 115 or 94 x h. 41 cm, 110 x 57 x h.41 cm; back cushion for L82: 75 x 45 cm; back cushion for L110: 103 x 45 cm; cushion 55 x 55 cm.

Accessories: crystal table Ø106 x h. 24 cm; folding table in oak: 115 x 50 x h. 40 cm, 94 x 37 x h. 40 cm; Note table in oak: 94 x 94 o 39 x h. 35,5 cm, 70 x 35 or 35 x h. 35,5 cm.