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A new collection of lamps by Cassina for a complete and homely atmosphere
Cassina launches its first collection of lamps to enhance and complete its living and dining settings. The collection triggers a harmonious dialogue between the products and their surrounding space, offering simple and versatile solutions. Inspired by 1950s forms and motifs, these floor and suspension lamps are the synthesis of the thorough research of pure and ancestral forms, merging into a post-modern style that has been transported into the present.
Ficupala, with its eclectic style that drifts between post-modernism and art deco, recalls the organic forms of plants. 
Elettra is inspired by the old coils from the first power stations and the old science fiction films that confided in the progress and technology of the future. 

Singapore Sling, on the other hand, recalls the atmosphere of the turn of the 20th century eastern colonial salons and the Venetian tradition of glassworking, with shapes inspired by exotic fruits. Now also available in a combination of blue acidic glass and transparent smoke glass.

Bollicosa continues the glass tradition with a classic blown-glass sphere, in which the characteristic surface is emphasized by the bubbles of the artisan's blow. The effect in fact resembles a fossil stone, where the air bubbles imprinted in it give a rough and matte effect, transforming the glass from transparent to tactile. Now also available with white marbled glass and transparent smoke glass.

Constellation and Starbust expand the possibilities of using Bollicosa lamp diffusers with new solutions, inspired by the astral bodies that illuminate the universe.
A circular ceiling chandelier, Constellation, is a  single diameter of 112 cm. The a linear one, Starbust, is 120 cm long.  Both with black painted structures, are available with a white etched and white marbled glass finish.

The Eliomoon floor lamp uses the spheres of Bollicosa lamps in a new white etched version, inspired by the astral bodies that illuminate the universe.
Consisting of three individual supports on a black painted metal base, this lamp is an additional solution for living and dining areas.

Inspired by the rock formation of the Irish cliffs, Giant’s Causeway, and its distinctive hexagonal rocks rising out of the sea, Bushmills is a ceiling lamp available in one size. It is a remarkable scenic presence available in black structural finish and transparent mirrored glass.



  • 089_01 FICUPALA
    089_01 FICUPALA
  • 089_11 FICUPALA
    089_11 FICUPALA
  • 089_31-32 SINGAPORE SLING
    089_31-32 SINGAPORE SLING
  • 089_41-42 ELETTRA
    089_41-42 ELETTRA
  • 089_51-52 FICUPALA
    089_51-52 FICUPALA
  • 089_23-24_BOLLICOSA SMALL
    089_23-24_BOLLICOSA SMALL
  • 089_25-26_CONSTELLATION
  • 089_27-28_STARBURST
  • 089_29_ELIOMOON
  • 089_60_BUSHMILLS




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