Year of design

A sablè linen fabric, Mongrel is a veil with great height that falls sinuously creating a  perfect balance between lightness and transparency. The wavy weave and choice of linen, a natural yarn par excellence with distinctive irregularity, give a textured aspect, for places where light is the evocative power of natural fibres.

A fire-resistant fabric with a soft hand and natural look. The gauze weave gives it a distinctive transparency resulting from the precise interweaving of material, air and light. With great height and easy to maintain, Plot combines versatility and elegance and is suitable for use in public and residential environments.

This fire-resistant fabric, with a leno weave, falls sinuously and is transparent thank to its open structure. The particular yarn and weaving technique give this veil a textured appearance while the intertwining of different shaded yarns gives the colour a unique aspect. Long and easy to maintain, Moondust combines excellent performance with the elegance of high impact weaves, for curtains with a strong personality for both public and residential environments.

A twill, a typical diagonal weave, with a mélange colouring and natural look. Its elegant yet informal personality is combined with a textured aspect given by this particular yarn. Noise has great height, is fire-resistant and is easy to maintain, it is also ideal for outdoor use as it is resistant to light, chlorine, saltwater and mould. An elegant curtain for all environments, public and residential, where washability and durability are essential.




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