Cassina Contract Division

Your Ideas, Our Solutions

Cassina Contract Division build its offer providing tailor-made services, more than supplying a product applying all its expertise in craftmanship and manufacturing to offer bespoke solutions for any specific requirements of every single project respecting the original design concept.

Hand-in-hand with the architects, the client and others stakeholders, Cassina Contract Division reaches the finest solution fulfilling quality, timing and pricing needs - with Italian or Asian manufacture.

Tipology of projects

Cassina Contract is an established presence when it comes to places associated with art, culture, politics, business, travel and lifestyle and has an amazing ability to work with traditional historical settings as well as with highly contemporary, experimental and futuristic architecture.


Un progetto su misura

Whatever the creation, Cassina Contract works as the client’s partner in order to provide a turn-key service, closely follow the designer’s philosophy and give shape to each space. As a result, the company creates some of the most elegant interiors in the world, where artisanal expertise, perfection in every detail, care in construction and a careful choice of materials all come together in beautiful synthesis.


  • Custom furnisher

    Custom-made furniture
  • Millworks

    Wood, metal, stone and glass work
    Customized finishings
  • Prototyping

    And material sampling


  • Product
  • Engineering
  • Cost analisys
  • Logistics
  • Installation
    on site
  • After sale
+30 国家
Worldwide projects
+800 projects