While respecting the current global situation, Cassina launches its 2020 Collection with a conscious and considerate perspective.

The new collection, although still abundant, has been intentionally reduced in terms of the number of pieces presented, and includes important progress in the quest to develop products with new materials, with a specific focus on sustainability and well-being, thanks to the debut of Cassina LAB.

The company’s holistic approach to home atmospheres has been further extended with new proposals for the living and dining areas, from iconic reissues that give value to its heritage, including the introduction of Ico Parisi as a new maestro, to new, high-quality product innovation. Cassina also extends this approach to include new areas of the home: ‘The Cassina Perspective at Night’ is a complete collection for the bedroom, a place of rest, reflection and regeneration. Rodolfo Dordoni and Patricia Urquiola present their visions of the night with new pieces enhanced by icons from the collection and new accessories from Neri&Hu.

Today we all have a new perspective of the home; discover ‘The Cassina Perspective’ here, digitally, and at the Cassina Milan Showroom where the 2020 Collection will be part of a series of home atmospheres recreated under the art direction of Patricia Urquiola, on show from the end of June until the end of the year.


“To restart means having more knowledge as well as awareness. In Cassina we spent these extra months to reflect and think about the role of the home today by researching and developing innovative solutions and safeguarding our historical heritage with a conscious spirit that always puts the user's well-being at the centre.” Luca Fuso, Cassina Chief Executive Officer


"For me working with Cassina over these past years has meant finding a solid team made up of managers, technicians and workers who never say ‘it can't be done'. During these months of quarantine we have continued to work, asking ourselves new questions while also taking already open discussions about research and sustainability further. We are starting again now with the awareness that the current challenge is very complex, but it is also an opportunity for renewal that we must immediately embrace.” Patricia Urquiola, Art Director Cassina