A Futurist screen featuring a drawing by Giacomo Balla to give a great artistic touch to the home

Giacomo Balla, exponent of the Futurist movement

The original sketch of the Paravento Balla, designed by Giacomo Balla in 1917, fully represents the revolutionary principles of the Futurist movement for which he was a leading advocate.

In the ‘Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe’ manifesto (1915) it is stated that:

“We Futurists, Balla and Depero, seek to realize this total fusion in order to reconstruct the universe making it more joyful, in other words by a complete re-creation. We will give skeleton and flesh to the invisible, the impalpable, the imponderable and the imperceptible. We will find abstract equivalents for every form and element in the universe, and then we will combine them according to the caprice of our inspiration, creating plastic complexes which we will set in motion.”


Bright colours make a come back

Giacomo Balla's sketch, published for the first time by Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco in the book "Balla: futurist reconstruction of the universe" (Rome, 1968), is a tempera and pencil on paper, made on the back of two identical photographs that portray a man still unknown today. The two maquettes are marked by the stamp "Boccioni’s fist", sometimes used by Balla to sign his works in place of the "Futurba lla " signature. Alongside the drawing are indications on the use of colour and possible chromatic combinations:


“Drawing of a screen

the dark green must be much more beautiful and the light cinnabar green bright

lemon yellow and orange.

It can be done with other combinations of colour as you want and according to

the effect you want to give”.

Words attributed by the art historian Elena Gigli to Luce Balla, one of the artist's two daughters.


Artistic expression for the home

Today, in collaboration with the heirs of Giacomo Balla, Cassina brings this brightly coloured accessory back to life to divide and complete different areas of the home with a great artistic touch. The Paravento Balla is composed of three panels of different heights and widths in honeycomb wood joined together with satin brass hinges. The Cassina branded hinges have been developed by carefully interpreting the original design, thanks to the study carried out by the Cassina Research and Development Centre, thus allowing the piece to open and move in both directions , as well as making it aesthetically more elegant.


The screen-printed decoration on both sides is available in two versions: with an orange background in yellow and green, recalling the colours of Balla's sketch, and with a white background in blue and green, a completely different colour range that adheres to the spirit of free interpretation encouraged by the words of the artist's daughter.

Like all products in the Cassina I Maestri Collection, each piece bears the logo and author’s signature as well as the progressive number that corresponds to their identity card.