Infinito Wall, a modern and extremely functional bookcase A project by Franco Albini

Tradition and modernity unite

Franco Albini is particularly known for his work that explores the connection between tradition and modernity as well as his continuous analysis of materials and technologies . Elements that are also essential for Cassina who shares and expresses these very same values.

The Infinito bookcase, designed in 1956/7, fully expresses Albini's poetics: its apparent simplicity actually conceals complex and very refined production solutions. Fixed to the ceiling, it acts as an excellent solution to separate spaces creating a stunning effect, like a true work of art.


Rediscover the wall model

Infinito Wall is a new version of this bookcase fixed to the wall and with a more stable ground support. In 1958, together with Franca Helg, the architect had in fact designed another model based on the Infinito that was self-supporting. This model, found today at the Franco Albini Foundation studio, was the main reference for the reissue of the bookcase, together with drawings made for Poggi, and was developed working, as always, in close collaboration with the Albini heirs.


Contemporary progress

Infinito Wall, with its wide range of elements and storage solutions , is even more functional thanks to the introduction of new modules that can accommodate a television and its cables.

It is now possible to couple two low cupboards on a new pillar with a 165cm shelf above to create a

compartment that can hold up to a 65" television.

The cupboard with doors, fixed on the low pillar, can also be equipped to hold cables thus maintaining a tidy and light effect for which Albini is particularly known.

The doors are also available in a smoked glass for the stained black ash bookcase.

Together with the new modules, the hinges have also been updated to allow the doors to adjust and cushion close.

Progress that brings this project to the present day, as Albini himself would probably have imagined, to cater for today’s technology.


Expert carpentry workmanship

Infinito and Infinito Wall highlight the precise study of the connection of surfaces and planes and give particular attention to the joints and junctions, elements that are skilfully developed in Cassina’s historical carpentry workshop.