One Hundred Years of Vico Magistretti - One of the Greatest Advocates of Timeless Design

For the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vico Magistretti, Cassina pays tribute and tells the story of the fruitful collaboration between the company and one of the greatest exponents of Italian design.


Vico Magistretti, an eternal figure

The Milanese architect and designer created innovative products that have lasted over numerous decades without ever going out of fashion.

His objective was to create furniture that would last over time, he in fact proclaimed: “good design should never have an end but continue to repeat itself over a long period of time and remain even after 100 years”.

His design has become a reference point that this year has been on show at a selection of internationa l locations of the Italian Cultural Institute in an exhibition supported by Cassina and organised in collaboration with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Fondazione studio museo Vico Magistretti.


Continuous dialogue between the company and designer

The successful partnership between Cassina and Magistretti started at the beginning of the 1960’s with the production of the Carimate chair that was immediately included in the company’s catalogue. At this time Cassina was opening its doors to designers with different visions to launch industrial design in Italy by taking a shift from artisanal handcraftsmanship to serial production.

The professional and personal relationship between Vico Magistretti and Umberto and Cesare Cassina continued to strengthen thanks to the continuous exchange of talent and creativity from a true maestro on the one hand, and the professionality and production excellence of a pioneering company on the other.


Maralunga, the magic of movement, innovation and comfort

The Maralunga sofa immediately made its mark as a product with great strength and impact on the international market. The concealed innovation in the movement of its headrest from high to low, thanks to the mechanism developed from a simple bicycle chain, its reassuring appearance and the extreme simplicity of its soft padding, fully summarise the design’s most salient features.

To celebrate this special anniversary, the same pattern that upholstered the piece in the 1970s has been brought back to life with a new pinstripe design fabric exclusively produced by Kvadrat Febrik. The textile, named Otterlo Stripes, is a stretch velvet with a sumptuous, soft pile. Due to its knitted construction it elegantly clings to the curves of the Maralunga.


905, a modern chair with heritage

The 905, designed by Vico Magistretti in 1964, was produced by Cassina until 2000 and then brought back to the collection in 2018 with modifications to its finishes, always in full respect of the origina l project in close collaboration with the Vico Magistretti foundation.

A perfect combination of wood and saddle leather, this chair has cylindrical legs, arched armrests and prestigious materials that all highlight its elegant demure.


Nuvola Rossa, a bookcase with a revolutionary frame

Simplicity and essentialism are the main characteristics of this piece designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977. Designed as a foldable bookcase, according to Magistretti’s modus operandi, it was born from the analysis and reinterpretation of the constituent elements of the product type and the sum of its parts: the structure and shelves. The result is a lightweight and modern piece of furniture that hides an unprecedented construction project behind a “silent” appearance.