Sengu Sofa, comfort at first sight

A convivial sofa system

The homely Sengu Sofa makes comfort its prime stylistic feature .

Its delicate design with generous volumes, in various unconventional compositions, encourages a convivial and intimate use that welcomes conversation from one side of the room to the other thanks to its open shapes.


Oriental inspiration

Sengu Sofa is particularly characterised by unexpected combinations: simple lines, substantial padding and natural materials and hues . Its base is reminiscent of Japanese forms , a recurring theme in the Cassina Collection and especially evident in the work of Charlotte Perriand.

The structure is composed of a belted steel frame elegantly finished with two wooden beams in Canaletto walnut or stained black oak on which Sengu Sofa’s soft padding, with meticulous quilting and sharp graphic features, is almost laid on top.


Details that make the difference

The sofa’s ergonomics are heightened thanks to the soft inclination of the back and armrests that feature an elegant quilted effect on the exterior. This same refined detail is also repeated on the sofa’s back cushions.

Sengu Sofa is completed with three low tables that can be combined or used singularly. Their ample round top and supporting panel are lacquered or in the same warm wood essence as the sofa’s structure - Canaletto walnut or stained black oak – while the base is available in a selection of marbles.


Design in respect of the environment

The contemporaneity of Sengu Sofa can also be identified in the construction of the sofa and the materials used. Thanks to the study carried out by Cassina LAB, a collaboration between the Cassina Research and Development Centre and at the Milan Polytechnic, a 100% recycled fibre, made from PET mainly recovered from the sea, has been incorporated in the cushion padding in respect of the environment.

This research is part of an in-depth project that expresses the company's desire to identify alternative

materials to adopt in the development of its products as well as to promote the general well-being of its users.