System of modular storage units characterized by great flexibility. The individual elements, connected together with screws, can be arranged in personalised configurations for different uses. They can also be composed to form a series of suggested solutions such as side accessories for the seats or to be placed in the middle of the room, or used as bookcases to lean against the wall. The storage units are made from solid wood in natural oak and Canaletto walnut. The internal parts are also available in a version painted in three different colours: sage green, purple and deep blue. One exclusive touch is the finger joint processing on the corners, a particular joint that emphasises the processing of the solid wood and highlights its quality. The compositions sit on a modular base on the floor.


All the models in the Cassina collection, by merit of their artistic content and particular creative character, are protected by copyright, a legal institution that is universally recognised and safeguarded; legal protection is assured for the whole life-span of the author and for 70 years after his/her death (or the death of the last surviving co-author).



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