The house, a curiosity cabinet, with flowing, flexible areas defined by imposing, brown wooden framing and illuminated by large sections of light.


stili di ambiente outdoor


Among the carefully designed architecture and the more exotic and verdant vegetation, the garden is a filter, a passage. An oasis in which to naturally reconnect with the environment, respect it and celebrate its vibrancy and wellbeing; a place to feel at one with nature on the sofas and armchairs, with their organic and primitive forms, excellent materials and visible details; a pure combination of design and spontaneity. For comfort that engages all of the senses.


Dominated by a disruptive nature, where discreet architecture allows the air and light to design the setting, these open-air spaces are perfect for experimenting with eclectic compositions of furniture, creating harmony between materials and geometries, or a vibrant contrast between dimensions and volumes of the jacquard patterns. From the striking love-bed to the iconic chair from the Cassina I Maestri Collection, the products are eclectic but share a coherent and original style.


In the city but al fresco. The metropolitan terrace becomes a view point to examine the city’s architecture but also an intimate haven that retains the warmth of the home. The dining and living areas reflect the personality of their inhabitants; the space is optimised thanks to the modularity of the furniture and the use of accessories, stimulating a dialogue between form and function to create an elegant and naturally hospitable atmosphere.

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