082 LC collection “Le miniature”

  • Family
  • Catalogue
    I Maestri
  • Year of design
    1927 / 1928
  • Year of production

To mark LC50, Cassina launches an exclusive range of miniature versions of some of the icons from the LC collection. Four chairs scaled 1:6, with the same new and authentic colours and the same soft and stiff  leathers used for the models scaled 1:1; and as such aligning with the research conducted on the collection in collaboration with the Fondation Le Corbusier and the heirs of the co-authors. An ambitious project of precision and attention to detail executed by Italian craftsmen: a veritable miniaturisation of the Cassina originals.


  • 082 01 LC1

  • 082 02 LC2

  • 082 04 LC4

  • 082 07 LC7



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