With Yachting Tales, Cassina enhances the furnishing of luxury ships by taking aboard its most iconic design products, alongside pieces by the leading contemporary designers. The result: ships that are distinct, eclectic and varied, just like the eclecticism of the Cassina furniture collection. A selection of eloquent and inspiring nautical furnishings for a ‘Cassina ship’ envisioned as the ideal continuation of the domestic landscape – a real, true floating home.


Cassina has long-standing experience in the nautical world, starting in the 1950s, when it began furnishing the great transatlantic liners, exporting Italian style overseas. In partnership with the most renowned, A-list architects of the day, such as Gustavo Pulitzer, Nino Zoncada and Gio Ponti, the company received orders to provide the interior design of famous cruise ships, including the Andrea Doria, Raffaello, Conte Biancamano, Conte Grande, Giulio Cesare, Michelangelo and the entire fleet of Costa Armatori cruise liners.


Cassina’s ability to furnish the spacious interiors of luxury vessels is not limited to single pieces of furniture. The Cassina Custom Interiors division delivers turnkey solutions, partnering with top architects and designers in the creation of prestigious custom nautical interior design projects. The goal of Cassina Custom Interiors is to enhance the atmosphere and beauty of every boat, yacht or cruise ship by creating the highest quality artisan-crafted custom interiors and developing an extremely personalized nautical decor.